Malden Islamic Center MISSION & VISION

The purposes of Malden Islamic Center are to carry on religious, charitable and educational activities in conformity with the religion of Islam; to do each and everything necessary, suitable, or proper for the accomplishment of these objectives, including, but not limited to the following:

  • To conduct religious services and prayers.
  • To teach, and to disseminate the faith among Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • To establish and operate a mosque, Islamic center, Islamic school, and meeting places.
  • To strengthen fraternal bonds and brotherly relationships among Muslims.
  • To revitalize cooperative endeavors with other Muslim organizations.
  • To promote friendly relations and understanding between Muslims and followers of other faiths.



Malden Islamic Center was established on November, 28th 2006 as a non-profit tax deductible, 501(c)3 organization operated by volunteers. Tax ID: 06-1801445
In April 2019, Malden Islamic Center succeeded in achieving one of its long-time goals which is buying a place where it can expand its activities and accommodate the growing Muslim population residing in Malden and the surrounding areas.


Malden Islamic Center conducts five daily prayer services seven days a week all year long. Additionally, Malden Islamic Center holds two large Friday prayers, Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan and Eid prayers to accommodate the large Muslim community living in Malden and the surrounding areas.
Malden Islamic Center also invites local and foreign Muslim scholars to come educate the community about different aspects of Islam in order to expand the knowledge of the community and to help its members assimilate and perform their Islamic obligations, and to assist them in-preserving their Muslim identity.



Malden Islamic Center has established Al-Firdaous School which, for the last 13 years, has been providing evening and weekend education for our children to learn valuable knowledge that would help them achieve a firm understanding of their faith and the Islamic ethics and morals. Hundreds of young boys and girls attend Al-Firdaous School rules.
Al-Firdoaus School strives to be an ideal place to encourage the spiritual growth of our children and the establishment of their Muslim identity. Few years ago, Malden Islamic Center has launched a full time preschool program to satisfy the needs of local community and to start building a better understanding of Islamic beliefs for our children at early age.


Malden Islamic Center strongly believes that our youth are the future leaders of Islam in America. Therefore, Malden Islamic Center is dedicated to leading them through Islamic education and training during this critical phase of their lives. In order for our youth to understand the comprehensive and balanced nature of Islam and how to apply it in their lives, Malden Islamic Center recruits qualified and dedicated mentors to lead a variety of fun and educational youth programs and events. Malden Islamic Center goal is to build a bonding relationship among the youth and with their mentors while having fun and putting Islam into practice.

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Malden Islamic Center strongly believes in the importance of establishing good, strong and positive relationships with our community. We aspire to do this by keeping our doors open and making ourselves available to our community and city officials. Malden Islamic Center continues to build strong relationships with city officials and city and state agencies.